.Thedecember Drive - Handslikegunsand crashingsounds (Cover Artwork)

.Thedecember Drive

Handslikegunsand crashingsounds (2003)

American Jealousy

It's mindblowing how this band currently remains unsigned. To get an idea of what these five boys from southern Texas sound like, try this: combine the post-hardcore riffing of On the Might of Princes, the soothing melodies of mid-`90s emo such as Texas Is the Reason, and throw in some gutteral screams and piano-laden instrumentals á la Funeral Diner. And there you have it folks. A splendid combination.

Though most of the album is instrumental, the vocals seem to reside firmly in the background rather than at the forefront. This adds to the atmospheric and rather somber setting the entire album eminates.

Tracks such as the 14-minute "The Great Awakening" showcase the band's ability to transition from a very light piano tune complete with twinkling guitars into a powerful breakdown. The soaring vocals sometimes fall into a soft whisper then back into furious screams reminsicent of Geoff Rickley that rip through a wall of distortion and strong drumwork. Almost all the songs seem to build up and decrescendo at exactly the right moment.

The timing only adds to the momentum and overall cohesiveness of this album. Each song flows into the next to the point where the entire album could be mistaken for one 58-minute long track. That could be seen as a downfall for many bands, but .Thedecember Drive pulls it off, without any boring moments or unecessary filler.

I implore you all to check this band out. They're looking for a label to release their new album and hopefully they will land one soon.