The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Question the Answers (Cover Artwork)

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Question the Answers (1994)


I don't tend to get into too much ska....because we all know bad ska music is some of the worst known to man. Ska is an intricate style of music..blending many many styles and elements, so it's always good to really be able to incorporate all those styles and do it sucessfully.

Thats why I love the bosstones..they helped put the term "ska-core" on the map. This is the first album I had ever heard by I was a little weary at first. Actually it took a lot of listens for me to appreaciate this. This music changes a goes from where you feel you should be slamming in the pit somewhere...and the next moment, you fell like you should be in a jazz lounge in vegas.

After a while this came into regular stereo rotation...and gave me new found hope in ska music. The total talent of this band is unbelieveable...all the instruments seem to fall exactly into place, (something you dont see with a lot of ska bands) and Dicky Barrett has the most awesome vocal range Ive heard in a while.

This is a really great album...definitley my favorite out of them all. "kinder words" "hell of a hat" "dollar and a dream" "bronzing the garbage" and their radio hit "pictures to prove it" are just a few of the songs that stick out. Just all around good musicianship, good lyrics just works out to be some kick ass music.

The band has sure had their line of successes, even in their ups and downs they still remain a driving force to many in the ska scene today. also check out "don't know how to party" which ranks up there with this record...but they're all great. Hell, any of their albums are well deserved of a 7 or more. Check this out.