Inkwell - These Stars Are Monsters (Cover Artwork)
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These Stars Are Monsters (2006)

EastWest / One Eleven

I think this is how Inkwell became:

Unknown: "Minus the Bear, meet Brand New. Brand New, this is Minus the Bear." Half an hour later…Boys Night Out: "Hey, my name is (new) Boys Night Out."

All: Threesome!!!

Now, since everyone knows Brand New are a bunch of pussies, we know they're the ones getting pregnant.

I'm not positive, but I think this is how it went down.

These Stars Are Monsters is Inkwell's second album in as many years. I'd be damned if it wasn't a really polished piece of melodic rock work, great for a drive home from the beach, but not much else. Sure, it's an honest effort, and it sounds really great on the surface, but at its core, These Stars Are Monsters seems like a basement boredom project of a couple of once-were punkers with some melody and Beach Boys love hiding deep down in them. Now, their bio says they started this band to have fun, and that they've accomplished that. So how come we're not allowed to have any fun listening to it?