Saviours - Crucifire (Cover Artwork)


Crucifire (2006)

Level Plane

I know a bit about metal. When I was a little guy, my buddy and I used to stand on top of boxes and wail air guitar to Kirk Hammet like we were on stage or something. In my time I've joined a few bands, I've been to a few shows, and listened to plenty of albums. Metal will always be a favorite genre of mine. From the greats like Zeppelin, Sabbath, the newer guys who are making less of a landmark like Akimbo, Sleep, Lords. It's very unfortunate those latter bands are getting less attention, but I believe they're doing it to keep metal alive, not to make a million bucks. And with that, I give you Saviours.

Crucifire is a bit of every kind of metal force-fed to a very large cow, said cow being sacrificed with the wailing axe of Saviours, and with what the gods left to remain, Saviours ate raw. With elements of sludge, thrash, speed, and heavy metal, these guys really got it down. I mean, this is pure metal. I can describe in detail that they have spot harmonies, sporadic time signatures, galloping riffs, pounding drums and bass, and so on.

Or you can take my word for it; if you're a fan of metal, then you'll love what Crucifire has to offer. You'll turn it up, you'll wave it at shows, and you'll swear there is nothing better.