Lefty - 4 3 2 1 (Cover Artwork)


4 3 2 1 (2000)


This is probably the first time that when I bought a CD based solely on one song, has backfired on me. After hearing their great first single "Girls" (which pretty much identifies them as another pop-punk band to follow in the footsteps of other bands like New Found Glory with songs about girls) on the radio, I figured the rest of the CD would be great, which usually works when I buy CDs. But not this time.

I was really hoping the rest of the CD would be like "Girls," a fast and catchy punk song, with lyrics that seem to define girls with ironic lyrics (and pretty good vocals from Dennis Hill, which I find out later changes, but for the better, in different songs), that reflect the stuff that girls do to annoys guys, but ends with "Wish I didn't need them."

Unfortunately, I was dissapointed with several songs, that are either too slow (the song "Addiction"), kind of annoying ("See Through Me"), or too boring ("Rocket Ride"). There were several other songs (such as "Drown in It" and "Useless Superstar") that really weren't all that great.

But there are still lots of other great songs, too, like "Hollow," "Good as it Gets," "Wounded," "Come Back Down," and, one of my favorite songs on the disc, "Everything." And the guitars sound really crisp, that also sometimes sound slightly acoustic, but then blast out into full electric guitar. And as I mentioned before, the vocals are pretty good, too.

But overall, there's just such a mixture of fantastic songs that just stick in your head all day, and ones that you never want to hear again, that a clear liking or disliking of this CD doesn't occur. I'm just pretty much in the middle, and "4 3 2 1" is nothing to go wild over.