The Horror - The Fear, The Terror, The Horror (Cover Artwork)
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The Horror

The Fear, The Terror, The Horror (2006)

Chainsaw Safety

Another one!

By ‘one,' I mean ‘album' by a stellar British hardcore band. Break It Up, Walk the Plank, and now the Horror. Though the only thing those three bands share is their choice of genre and country of residence, rather than sound, all three absolutely rip. The Fear, The Terror, The Horror is an absolute blast of fury and unrelenting intensity that will not take up more than twenty minutes of your time.

In those twenty minutes, however, eighteen songs will fly by at such a pace that your head may spin clear off your shoulders, and still leave you begging for more. This torrent of speed and power is anchored (lolski!) by the impassioned vocalist known mysteriously only as Andy. Maybe it's for the better, that all we know of the man besides his first name is that his chord-shredding screams invigorate every song on the album, no matter the pace or the rhythm.

He's the one constant on an album that fluctuates both song lengths and speeds. The slower, more rock‘n'roll tracks like "Still Hate Thatcher" give Andy just as much a chance to whip things into a frenzy as the chaotic "Reagan's Out." The latter, a politically charged salvo, is just as intense lyrically as the unbelievably quick riffing that dominates the duration. "Reagan's out, he's gone for good, fucking destroyed working neighborhoods / I don't care that he died, fucking arms dealer, always lied / Perpetuated a war they always win, where people starve and books burn / Reagan made it his mission to fight, to subjugate you with all his might." The band makes no qualms about their political stances, and they just seem that much more convicted due to the manic way in which the vocals come across.

Nothing here but 20 minutes of rip roaring hardcore domination. Every riff, every drum fill, every word screamed drips honest passion and a driving spirit that just won't quit.