No Use For A Name - Live in a Dive (Cover Artwork)

No Use For A Name

Live in a Dive (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

Mr. Brett

This album is great if you have never heard NUFAN before because it has a few of the best songs from at least 4 of their previous albums. For the longtime NUFAN fan, this is a great album because the songs are played a bit different and the songs off don't miss the train sound better here than on the original. The sound on this album is great, every instrument is recorded clearly. I happened to be at one of the recording dates at Slim's and can say that was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I have seen NUFAN a few times before when Chris was with the band and they were incredible. Dave was with the band for this live recording and I thought he did a good job pulling off playing Chris's leads. So when you listen to the album and wonder if they really do sound that good live, they sound better. The CD is also enhanced, meaning you can watch a good quality video on your computer. The have 3 or 4 songs on the video (not different songs than the audio portion) and some interviews and chit. The comic book, although a great idea to rip off RKL's rock and roll nightmare, was weak. They offer a chance to order a full size comic book from Fat, but I don't see why anyone would after seeing the CD version.