Encrypt Manuscript - Encrypt Manuscript [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Encrypt Manuscript

Encrypt Manuscript [7 inch] (2006)

The Tone Library

On Encrypt Manuscript's self-titled 7", a mere 2 songs shows the band coming fully into their own.

The Make-Up styled band kick things off with what's usually regarded as their best song yet, "Knife Fight at the Blind Tiger." The guitars are completely jazz inflected and yet coalesce with Brian Davis's sharp yells and yelps more perfectly than ever, all the while highlighted with crisp production, where you can hear every scaled note hit flawlessly. It's compelling all the way through, and concludes with dainty, indie instrumental parts that dance their way out of the song.

The nearly 6-minute "Phantom Limb Pain" isn't quite as punctual or engulfing, but it's a whole different beast nonetheless. Completely weird time changes abound, with guitars sometimes seemingly galloping at times, skipping or hopping others while Davis is at his usual schizophrenic self, delving into affected feminine cooing at more than one point. It's totally bizarre, but most importantly, it works.

Whatever waits on the long-awaited full-length from Encrypt Manuscript, I'm ready for it.

Encrypt Manuscript 7"