The Human Abstract - Nocturne (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Human Abstract

Nocturne (2006)


Maybe I don't get it -- but I prefer to think that I'm validated in not liking the new Human Abstract album, Nocturne.

If this, the band's first album, had decided to stick to a more straight-up or at least more convincing metal line, then they could have succeeded, but instead the band seems to be grabbing a little bit of "this" and "that" from far too many places to come off with anything convincingly authentic or enjoyable. The band's mixture of old-school metal, hardcore, and tech-metal come together in a way that doesn't seem forced, but rather careless.

That's not to say that there aren't perfectly enjoyable moments on Nocturne. In fact, the album's more technical guitar parts are amazing, but they're often forgotten as soon as they get muddled out by another sound that seemed to have come from nowhere and with no reason.

To its credit, the band has produced a well-produced and crafty album, but there's simply too much going on from too many different places to make me want to pop it back in my stereo anytime soon.