Thug Murder - The 13th Round (Cover Artwork)

Thug Murder

The 13th Round (2001)


One more release in the current stream of TKO/Flat albums released lately... Thug Murder hails from Tokyo, Japan where they opened for the Dropkick Murphys Japan tour. The Murphys' Ken Casey was so impressed that he signed them to his Flat Records imprint. Imaging taking Hi-Standard and after extensive sex change surger, throwing them into a blender with Shonen Knife and the Casualties. what you get is a catchy, campy, hard as nails sound that hints of early Rancid. At first, some of the songs start to bleed into each other and the accent is kinda thick. Once you get a hang of the vocals, it's nothing but listening pleasure. One hell of a record for their american debut. And their third generation cover of "I fought the law" should satisfy most...