Drop Dead, Gorgeous - In Vogue (Cover Artwork)

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

In Vogue (2006)


Drop Dead, Gorgeous do nothing new at all. The verses are filled with cookie-cutter screaming that causes migraines, the singing around the choruses is barely passable, and then they slide in random piano interludes. Last time I checked, throwing in some keys throughout a song doesn't count as originality.

Few bands can make this style work and these guys aren't one of those bands. Drop Dead, Gorgeous aren't simply a carbon copy of everything else right now -- they're worse than the bands they emulate. Someone should start regulating how many breakdowns can be used on a song, especially when every one is as bad as they are on this album. And to top it all off, they have song titles like "Dressed for Friend Requests," "Knife vs. Face Round 1" and "Fashion Your Seatbelts."

It's a sad and dark day when a band can get by and establish themselves based around their image and fashion sense, but nowadays, it's not completly surprising. Nothing on In Vogue warrants a listen. No one should have to endure this band and hopefully you won't have the misfortune of suffering such aural destruction.