Filmmaker - Break This Fall (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Break This Fall (2001)


One of the best things about punk and it's associated subgenres is the amazing amount of quality music put out by small bands. It's such a thrill to find a band like Filmmaker through a friend and hear so much potential in a debut EP.

Filmmaker is probably one of the best bands you've never heard of. I admit that's a cliche, but the record just rocks. Musically, it lies somewhere between the post-hardcore emo of Jimmy Eat World, and a softer pre-Dear You Jawbreaker. Don't get me wrong, we're not talking derivative here, but Filmmaker clearly wears those influences on it's metaphorical sleeve.

Overall, this too-short six song EP rings with a catchy melancholia, and while this is hardly a punk rock record, there is a healthy amount of energy throughout, and these guys seem to remember that post-punk doesn't work without the punk.

The one thing that would prevent this from being a four-star debut, is the somewhat lackluster production. There is a lot of great instrumental work going on in the background, but the tinny sound of the instruments causes a lot of it to go unnoticed.

All that said, this is a terrific record, and definitely a band I'm looking forward to hearing more from.