No One's Hero - Start a Revolution (Cover Artwork)

No One's Hero

Start a Revolution (2006)


In an age where solid, melodic punk rock is often difficult to come by, it is refreshing to stumble across a band that reminds me why I like this genre of music in the first place. I find it surprising, therefore, to find such a sensible balance of lyrical content and musical style in the bands outside of the genre's established veterans. No One's Hero stood out to me from the first song I heard and with good reason. Simply put, these guys are good.

Their music is simple but does not come across as lacking in substance. Far from it! I find the straightforward style, coupled with lyrical depth, reminiscent of genre staples the Bouncing Souls and Less Than Jake. From the very first listen, No One's Hero had my foot tapping along, and I found myself playing the songs again so that I could learn the lyrics and sing along. The band is tight and the music flows with a seamless, effortless professionalism.

These guys know where they're going and know how to produce the kind of music that is sure to get them there. If you are interested in a fun brand of punk rock, I recommend giving these guys a listen. You'll probably find yourself pleasantly surprised.