Tigershark - Demo (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo (2006)


Noisy hardcore with a decent amount of crust influence running through it, Tigershark's DIY demo is like an excited high-five among Tragedy, Akimbo and From Ashes Rise, so fans of any of those bands will probably get a kick out of it.

Ex-members of the SetUp and the Assistant also manage to provide a set of guitar chops here proving to be a little more dynamic and talented than the genre's confines usually allow. The throbbing, pulsating bass (yo, "Pulse Check") throws down a thick, messy anchor for which schizophrenic destruction lays waste atop of. It should be noted that the band does show a considerable amount of restraint considering the style, with tempos tending to operate at lesser speeds and not so much the more lightning-fast upheaveals usually prevalent in other bands. Some unusually melodic sections are served up, too ("One on the Zero").

A couple reviews I've read are using the term 'noise-metal' to describe the work here, but I don't know, it just seems entirely too raw and rooted in hardcore to mention it, as complex as some of the instrumental work gets.

In all I like what I'm hearing from the RVA outfit, and if the above seems like it aims towards your alley, you should too.