Munition - Black Wave (Cover Artwork)


Black Wave (2001)

Failed Experiment

In a very short time this Chicago quartet-of-veterans has carved a nice little nitche in the local scene. Combining the classic elements of the elusive "Chicago Sound" of melodic punk rock and a good pop sensiblity. Track to track varies quite a bit, but in the end of this all too short 30 minute CD you are left craving more. The artwork is also astounding and I love the handwritten/drawn/crafted insert pages.

And not to mention two relatively obscure bands just to sound cool[ala M.R.R.] but if the Feds covered Sidekick Kato this would be the outcome[both of which are great bands you should check out. P.S. Mark Munition was in the Feds, too].

Add that to the fact that the label is donating a portion of the proceeds to Possibilities In Life: Art For Youth[or P.L.A.Y.]. which is a community based program for children and teens from abusive families to be exposed to creative expression. So I'd heap this over with Sub City're getting a great CD and you can feel good about it for helping a worthwile cause.