Little Klimt / Chofferson - Split (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Little Klimt / Chofferson

Split (2006)


This is two groups, dubbed "bedroom core" by some dude who typed up the press release. That means two different people sat in a bedroom and plugged a MIDI controller into a laptop and plunked around on a keyboard. The first one is some chick who goes by "Little Klimt" (at first I thought it'd be some sort of death metal band so I was stoked) who likes breathy singing and keyboards and background fuzz on the vocal track.

The second is Chofferson (what the fuck is a Chofferson?) and it ain't no bettah. It's a guy with just as much fondness for keyboards as the chick, only he uses ambient noise and weird stuff to write the soundtracks to "the movies he sees in his head yet they don't exist in real life." Hey, just because some girl wants to be Liz Phair and some dude wants to pretend he's David Lynch doesn't mean I should have to suffer through this.


There's only so much you can write about two songs on a CD. Um, they're both four minutes and eight seconds long? The cover has mice heads on people? The label is located in Burbank, California and only had four releases prior to this one? That's about it.