Pteradon - 2006 Tour EP (Cover Artwork)
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2006 Tour EP (2006)


Pteradon's 2006 CD-R Tour EP opens much in the same way Jena Berlin's Patience Waits as the Program Keeps Going (2005) did -- highly rocking punk rock led by a frontman who could be a dead ringer for Chuck Ragan in the great opener "Broadway." But like that very band, this isn't straight Hot Water Music cloning; sometimes Pteradon finds success in occasionally cleaner singing and more reflective passages ("Milk Milk Lemonade," which even features a nice cross-section of acoustic accompaniment), and that's why I think so much promise lies in them. Granted Pteradon aren't nearly as dynamic or as often as pretty as JB, but damn if they don't try.

"Contraband" is another raw but obviously well-written song, proving Pteradon is managable of conveying that talent through not-so-spectacular production, even if they sound a little sloppy at points. "Iron Lung" offers a little more than jagged power chords, instead relying on a dizzying guitar line sounding more like something out of a Minus the Bear tune.

I'm seeing a show on Sunday in a Mesonic temple's basement that'll have, among others, Latterman and Jena Berlin in its lineup; I can't really stress how perfect Pteradon would fit on the bill.

Iron Lung
Basement Jaxx Plays Attaxxx

[This is the band formerly known as November Trials for those keeping score. Anchors reviewed their previous demo last year.]