Communique - Walk Into the Light (Cover Artwork)


Walk Into the Light (2006)


It's hard to say why bands like Communiqué, punk rock veterans who hail from Oakland and San Francisco, can take the sounds of yesterday and present to make something fresh, while others like the Killers just sound like they lifted all the rhythm from a genre and, to avoid being nabbed for copyright violations, change their look with every single. Let's say talent plays a role.

Communiqué's latest EP, Walk Into the Light is five tracks of moody, keyboard-heavy rock reminiscent of better new wave acts and audio brethren to more current groups like Arcade Fire and Franz Ferdinand.

Songs like "The Sad Valentine" and "Wake Up Wake Up" will make you want to dance and cry at the same time, while a bro-down like "Got Your Number" will leave the girls crushing and the boys nodding heads aggressively.

The only drawback here is that the EP isn't longer, but this serves as a fitting holdover until a full-length comes, as the band promises a Spring 2007 release for it.

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