7 Seconds - Soulforce Revolution (Cover Artwork)

7 Seconds

Soulforce Revolution (1989)


Oh boy, dreadlocks and all...this was a true turning point for 7 Seconds....A pretty hard rocking band up until that point in time, But as we all know bands change, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

If you haven't heard this record yet..do NOT expect the same 7 seconds your accustomed to. Trust me, you'll be feeling all kinds of different vibes from this one.

Actually, the music itself on this record is very difficult to explian, so bare with me here. The same 7 seconds attitude..but with elements of rasta, surf, and other things you sense differently. Its much more melodic than anything they have ever done before, and way more emotional..I mean a band has to explore their soft sides, so its all cool.

Its definitley a hit with me, as I've always said its cool when bands open up their minds and explore exactly how much talent they have, and 7 seconds have done just that. It's definitley my favorite just for the fact of the different route of emotion they've taken here.

But to get into this album you have to go a little deeper than just the music...you have to look at the well thought lyrics ( they get your noggin working believe me) and the great song structures, and Kevin Seconds has one of the best voices in punk...ever.

One of my (first) and favorite records I own Just truly a landmark album..forget all that pee pee poo poo booger fart humor crap rock for one day ( not meaning that towards all of you) and give this a listen. It really gets you thinking and hopefully turns your head to one of the best punk bands to ever come around in a long time.