Stuck Lucky - Hate the Light of Day (Cover Artwork)
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Stuck Lucky

Hate the Light of Day (2006)


On paper, Stuck Lucky's idea of ska-punk seems, at bare minimum, pretty decent: very light hardcore influence (á la the Suicide Machines, maybe circa the era when people thought they'd "lost their touch") and a refreshingly (fairly) goofy candor, possibly to be taken as influence from sorta-defunct dive circuitry favorites the Arrogant Sons of Bitches.

Unfortunately, Hate the Light of Day turns out to be that very bare minimum. It's not terrible, mind you; the "local ska-punk band" clichés so haphazardly apparent in anyone that formed post-third wave explosion are completely void here. However, the band doesn't quite have the songwriting to complement the style -- nothing on Light of Day really sticks out, nor does any song really invigorate the listener. There's nary a hook, nary even a lyric that stands up above everything else. Even silly forays like the weird, sneery waltz of a secret song just don't do entirely much.

This looming fault is unfortunate, because it means the band has little chance at stacking up against the genre's powerhouses when they have a style that could produce a great song or two (or hopefully at some point, an album's worth).

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