Roger Miret and the Disasters - My Riot (Cover Artwork)

Roger Miret and the Disasters

My Riot (2006)

Sailor's Grave

Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) and crew are back in action with the Disasters' third album, My Riot. The band left their former label, Hellcat Records, earlier this year and has arrived back on the map via Sailor's Grave Records with a great mid-tempo punky rock and roll album.

The album starts off very strong with the track "Warning! Warning!" and doesn't slow down for an instant or to even give the listener a chance to catch their breath -- until the album's seventh song, which is an acoustic track entitled "Everything I Do." The album's strongest track is found in the Rancid-ish song "Janie and Johnny;" it's so irresistibly fun and catchy that the band decided to include a reggae remix of the song as the album's closing track. Other standouts on the album include "Ramones," a catchy song devoted to the legendary punk band; "Fxxk You," 50 seconds of street punk/hardcore bliss; and "R.F.F.R.," a song with great dynamics featuring members of the Horrorpops.

Guest vocal appearances are made on the album by Lars Fredriksen (Rancid, Lars Fredricksen & the Bastards), Patricia Day (the HorrorPops), Kim Nekroman (the HorrorPops), and Al Barr (the Dropkick Murphys), all contributions necessary to make select songs somewhat unique. The album's production is excellent; however, it is not overly polished, which ensures that the raw energy portrayed within each song is preserved.

Before you know it, the album's 16 tracks have passed you by in a little over a half an hour. Fans of Roger Miret and the Disasters will not be disappointed with the band's latest effort. My Riot offers some punk, a tad of hardcore, a bit of reggae, a hint of acoustic and a lot of rock and roll to create a solid album that will get stuck in many listeners' stereos for quite some time.