Rufio - Perhaps, I Suppose (Cover Artwork)


Perhaps, I Suppose (2001)

The Militia Group


This is probably the first album i've ever heard and immediately fallen in love with. The first guitar sounds are so amazing your heart starts bumping through your entire body.

Rufio is a new band from the big city of Los Angeles and they certainly know how to deal with a guitar. They sound alot like New Found Glory and Saves The Day, but that's alright I guess.

All the songs on this album are really cool, but songs like Road To Recovery and Above Me are a little better.

I'm sure they'll move to a bigger record label soon, 'cause they are very good and I hope their next album will come up soon.

At last: just buy this album, you won't regret it! It rocks! Also try to download October Nights, it's a good song, but it wasn't on the album.

If you need want more information about this album or want to know what other people think about it... go to to hear from other people what they think about this album, you'll be amazed, and you can also buy the album on that site.

I guess 5 stars is the best for this album...