Colour Revolt - Colour Revolt (Cover Artwork)

Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt (2006)

Tiny Evil

Colour Revolt recently tagged along in support of Brand New's latest national tour, and they've been blowing up while simultaneously gathering oodles of praise and accolades ever since. This five-piece, hailing from Oxford, Mississippi, play a dynamic style of indie rock. Key word: dynamic. Though only containing six songs, this EP shows an over-abundance of maturity and crafty songwriting, while displaying a lot of genuine moments.

Opener "Blood in Your Mouth" starts off with a dose of harmonica played by singer/guitarist Jesse Coppenbarger, then steadily joined by fellow members. Coppenbarger is quite, quite proficient in conventional singing, which is essential for this kind of music. But one thing he does in spades is his addition of bonafide passion in the form of shouted vocals. This adds an extra oomph to already passionate songs, giving them life. This contrast is best represented on the popular "Mattresses Underwater," which serves as an adequate example of the multiple dynamics the band displays on any given song, including its standout shouted conclusion. The third song, "A New Family," could be considered as reminiscent of bands like Radiohead and Appleseed Cast, but they do not steal this sound, rather adding to it and making it their own. The talent on each song is of notable recognition, with each member possessing an admirable command over their respective instruments.

Closer "Circus" is definitely the heaviest (I hate to use that word for this kind of band) track on the CD, being comprised of mostly shouted vocals. Oh how refreshing it was to first hear this song, because I was expecting a much more orthodox closer, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hope for future releases Colour Revolt does not shy away from this particular aspect, because it is refreshing and gives them some identity in the saturated scene.

I am giving this disc an 8, which is the highest I can possibly give an EP containing only six songs. So kudos Colour Revolt for giving me something to look forward to.