Monikers - Eat Your Young (Cover Artwork)
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Eat Your Young (2006)

Kiss of Death

There's really no beating aorund the bush on this one. Monikers, with an ex-member each from Discout and Kite Flying Society in tow, sound an awful lot like early Lawrence Arms / pre-Dear You Jawbreaker (and either they have a great sense of humor about this, or are really bitter about any criticisms they've already received); if you consider albums like Ghost Stories and Bivouac essentials, chances are you're going to like Eat Your Young.

I could end it right there, but there's a few more points that should be made. Eat Your Young definitely isn't the best this band can do I'm sure; it's plenty raw and undeveloped, and even then the band shows they can play off both more morose, downtrodden moods ("Information") and basic, three-chord upbeat pop-punk ("Two Stories"). The best track here is definitely "Holiday," though. So it's good, sure, but I think they're in the same stage as Banner Pilot was with that band's demo -- a bunch of practices and a couple songs away from writing some really remarkable stuff.

For now, Eat Your Young is some apt aping. With the band already writing away for a full-length, maybe the fruits of their labor will prove to be truly sweet at the nectar.

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