Sebadoh - Bakesale (Cover Artwork)


Bakesale (1994)

Sub Pop

I've been seeing all these diverse bands reviewed here lately, Dino Jr, Nirvana, and dare I say the Bloodhound Gang. So I thought what the hell? Why not do one of my own.

Sebadoh is made up of 3 unpredictable bastards from somewhere in massachusetts, and they know how to fucking rock...punk or not. You can call it whatever but it's one of those bands who don't fall into one certain catagory.

Actually that's the basis of their appeal to me..their different changes in music. From one genre to another it's a fun and different ride start to finish.

The first track "License to confuse" is great, one of the more rocking songs on the album, but when your expecting another track of the same style it changes a little "careful" is very distorted a 1985 Husker Du sound is present here. Some of the other songs that stick out are the very mellow "Skull", The hard at times Nirvanaesque song "S.Soup", a pretty cool punk sounding tune "give up" and others on which I could go on describing...but I won't.

I'm sure all who hear this will be pleased with a few aspects of this matter what style your into, chances are you'll find a hint of it on here.

I find this record as one of my all time favorites as it gives me a chance to break away from the usual loud blaring punk that pumps from my stereo...and get into something different once in a while. For fans of Dino jr. (obviously), pavement, Husker Du, and other bands who fall into the loosely used "indie rock" persuasion. And If not a fan its definitley a band to look into.