Palehorse - Amongst the Flock (Cover Artwork)


Amongst the Flock (2006)

Bridge 9

Connecticut's hardcore heavyweights return with this followup to 2005's Secrets Within Secrets EP. Amongst the Flock boasts a heavier crossover-influenced sound (think Shipwreck and Integrity) with much improved vocals and very solid riffing (which comes as somewhat of a suprise after the death of guitarist John Tamas).

The album opens with a crushing track entitled "St. Louis." Second is the title track, which is probably one of the heaviest. The album unleashes a furious assault through eleven songs, incorporating their dark lyrics about conspiracy, religion, politics, and everything else in between. It also includes a re-recording of probably their most well-known song, "Mayday," which is arguably much better than the original.

I will say this though, the album is not for everyone. If you aren't into the heavier side of hardcore, raspy vocals, or chugging riffs, it's not for you. This band has been lumped in with "tough guy" hardcore before, but it's much more accurate to put them in the class of Integrity and Ringworm.

There are very few flaws with this album; in fact, the only one that comes to mind is the repetitiveness that is often noticed with this style of bands. The songs are all very similar, but not to the point that they are all the same or indistuingishable from each other.

All in all, I'd say this is one of the better records of the year, but that's up to you.