Destroy the Runner - Saints (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Destroy the Runner

Saints (2006)

Solid State

Well I'll be damned if this is not the single best Darkest Hour cover band that I have ever heard. Well, not entirely. The "let's throw in some singing" vocals that permeate some of their metal attack separate themselves a bit from the D.C. natives, but the fact of the matter is that not even two seconds into "My Darkness," I can't help but feel I'm listening to So Sedated, So Secure.

It's not an entirely bad thing, as I still do really enjoy Darkest Hour, but the fact that the riffs and vocals coming from Destroy the Runner are almost indistinguishable from their metal counterparts is if nothing else, unsettling.

There's going to be similarities with this type of music, I can accept and understand that wholly, but this level of closeness is certainly no accident. I could easily tag numerous intros, riffs, or vocal deliveries to their DH counterparts, but I'll assume everyone gets the idea. Assuming you can forgive the lack of originality, and assuming you can ignore the random sung parts that disrupt the flow and rhythm of whatever song they're in, you very well may enjoy this record, or at least scattered parts of it.

When they really let go and explore the more metal side of their music, as is done with most of "Separate," their sound is a formidable one. Quick and crushing riffs, solid vocals, and a good overall understanding of rhythm and how to use it. The only thing that gets the band into trouble is those singing vocals that they insist on including. "There Can Be No Hesitation" is an absolutely punishing three-and-a-half minutes, even with the inclusion of some vocals right in the middle that do their best to break the rhythm and momentum that had been established to that point.

If Darkest Hour is just a little too loud or heavy for you, consider trying Diet Darkest Hour, or Destroy the Runner as they are otherwise known.