Various - Punk Off Volume One (Cover Artwork)


Punk Off Volume One (2006)

New School

This is a compilation that stars only New School Records bands, unlike the label's other compilations that featured other bands ranging from Yellowcard to NOFX. The record definitely has its ups and downs, not to mention a lineup of songs already released (14 to be exact) and unreleased tracks (eight).

The album starts off with the average 7-10 Split song "The Battle of Shiloh" and goes to the next, and may I add worst track "Apology to You" by 800 Octane. After the solid song "Hydrophobic Mermaid" by Glasshead and the flop "Blackout" by Hospital Food, the record really picks up. In Stereo, Nuclear Saturday and My Hostage have some great tracks. Mourningstar and Twenty2 present some pretty good hardcore punk tracks, however Twenty 2's track isn't the best representation of the band.

The eight unreleased tracks are from 7-10 Split, 800 Octane, In Stereo, Mourningstar, Not Long After, Nuclear Saturday, Top of the Fair and Twenty2. Only a few really stand out because the others sound thrown together and sloppy, possibly because the songs are short, dull and really bad examples of each band. Still, bands like Twenty2 and Top of the Fair come back to make better songs than their previously released tracks on the record.

The way this record was put together was just awful, it feels like they just threw random tracks together, i.e. In Stereo with a very pop song are followed by Mourningstar with screams and deep-booming sounds. The label definitely needed to spend more time blending. The bonus tracks are nice but the 14 tracks before that are not and make you question the amount of time put into the compilation.

New School Records' Punk Off Volume One compilation shows off the label's talent and accurately depicts the bands on it. It's a good starter for people new to the label but falls short in many different ways.