ALL - Pummel (Cover Artwork)


Pummel (1995)


The latest live All and Descendents album prompted me to go back and listen to all of my old Descendents and All cds, and I felt this cd deserved a review. Out of all the All cds, this is the one I never hear of. Its not their best cd but its got some really awesome songs, so I decided to make it my first review for this site. Here is a song by song break down of the cd.

  • 1. Self-Righteous: A good rockin' song to start the cd of with, this song is about straight edge people and how their preaching annoys All.
  • 2. Million Bucks: One of All's many signature love songs. This song rocks hard and has cool lyrics.
  • 3. Uncle Critic: This song is short and fast and pretty uninteresting. Its about the critics who piss them off by always giving them negative reviews.
  • 4. Miranda: A slower All love song, pretty generic to the All sound, but hey its All, so its good.
  • 5. Not Easy: An allright song about break ups. Sounds a bit to generic.
  • 6. Long Distance: Another song about breaking up but much better than the one before it. Definitly one of my favourites on the cd, awesome catchy, lyrics!
  • 7. Stalker: Probably the most boring song on the cd, most of the vocals are screamed, which I believe does not work for the band.
  • 8. Button It: A cool fast song, with lyrics like "You think you're so cool, You're just a stupid ugly girl, and if I would blow out my brains, I would never have to see your face again".
  • 9. This World: A cool slower song, with pretty depressing lyrics. About having no hope for the future.
  • 10. Gettin' There: A fast catchy song, about gettin pissed off.
  • 11. Breakin Up: Definitly my favourite song on the cd, cool lyrics, cool chorus, classic All.
  • 12. On Foot: A pretty stupid song about havin a shitty car. Boring.
  • 13. Broken: An awesome song, another one of my favourites, though i'm not so clear what its all about.
  • 14. Hetero: This is the only song I have an actual problem with, the lyrics being blatantly homophobic. "Maybe I should pierce my butt, or get a few tatttoos, Maybe I should wear a Dress and be a homo like you. This song doesn't make sense to me as they tell critics not to call them homophobic in "Uncle Critic" but then they write a song like this. Stupid.
  • 15. Black Sky: A cool song to close the album with. Slower and somber, but good.

    This was All's first and last major label cd, as Interscope signed them to jump on the Punk bandwagon started by Green Day the year before. The cd didn't sell well among the mainstream though and they were dropped right away. The music sounds like the more recent All cds and the newer Descendents cd, Everything Sux. My Favourite songs include, Long Distance, Breakin' Up, and Broken.