Grimace - Live from the Heritage Complex - The Worst 40 Minutes of Your Life (Cover Artwork)


Live from the Heritage Complex - The Worst 40 Minutes of Your Life (2006)

Brazilian Dude

When I first heard Grimace over a year ago I could not believe what I was hearing. It was a mixture of JFA, Minor Threat, the Germs, and the Misfits. It was one of the best things I had heard in a very long time. They brought back hardcore skatepunk, and made it relevent and important again. I listened to all the songs of theirs I could, and was always left wanting more. So with the release of this live album, I finally had my requested offering of Grimace.

From the very beginning to the very end, it does not let up. The band introduces themself, and goes straight into "Youth Uprising." They play such incredible songs as "MTV Destruction," "Assembly Line," "Teenage Zombies," "Take to the Streets". and the ever-popular "Get Outta My Face." They play a cover of Minor Threat's "Minor Threat" and a band compiled of all the same members playing different instruments play a song called "You Suck." They then announce that they were going to play Operation Ivy's "Unity," but never got around to learning it, so they play their own untiy song.

What makes Live truly interesting is the fact that there is nothing cut out or touched up. It is exactly the same show. You hear all the in-between conversations, all the time spent while they have "technical difficulties," and after the last song you hear all the people talking after the show. This really makes you feel like you are at the show, and that is a rare occurrence with live albums.