Count the Hours - We Don't Care (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Count the Hours

We Don't Care (2006)


Through the last few years, the Northwest has really started to develop a signature sound for its hardcore scene. Flagbearers Champion have since disbanded, but in their wake two bands have really broken out of the pack. One of those is the more well-known Sinking Ships, and the other is a band that deserves just as much recognition -- Count the Hours.

Fueled by an overwhelming intensity and sense of power, CTH are able to both fire on all cylinders and harness their power and energy only to release it when the perfect time comes. This accounts for some of the really epic buildups that are found in several of the songs. Anthony Hale's vocals are strained and desperate, but this band could not have it any other way. His inflections add a variety to their hardcore sound that a lot of similar vocalists simply could not offer. It's not groundbreaking, it's not perfect, but more importantly than either -- it fits. The band also understands the concept of contrast, and is able to implement that not only into the vocal styles, but the guitar, bass, and drums as well.

"I Can't Even Understand..." is a scorcher that in only two minutes' time manages to offer several solid chord progressions and speed up / slow down moments that don't even allow for a catching of breath. The fierce distortion cuts, while the vocals pound on the top of it all, and the bass and drums carry the rhythm perfectly underneath.

"Wise" displays the length the band is able to stretch a song out to without losing any steam or having those listening lose interest, as even at four minutes, it's as captivating at the end as it is at the beginning. Relying much more on guitarists Jacob Dahlgren and Sean Millsap, the band as a whole tries their hand at some more complex structures and more reliance on drummer Brandon Herrell and bassist Spencer Pollard. It pays off for them, as the four musicians build the song up slowly while the vocals increase in power and volume, culminating in a storm of emotion and intensity.

This has really been a great year for hardcore, and Count the Hours have done their absolute best to stick out above the pack. With their understandings of old-school punk and rock'n'roll, they were able to bring those elements to their hardcore sounds and create something passionate and engaging all the way through.