Four Star Alarm - Four Star Alarm (Cover Artwork)
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Four Star Alarm

Four Star Alarm (2006)


Smart melodic punk is tough to come across these days -- how come Chicago's always been able to throw it out en masse?

Four Star Alarm are heavy on the vocal melodies while their music is a blend of pop-punk, mid-`90s alternative, and a huge dose of Hüsker Dü -- which I promise you isn't as cringe-inducing as it sounds. They sound like a more seasoned band than one would expect them too come off as, likely due to guitarist Jeff Dean's work with the Bomb and the Story So Far. However, it is rookie vocalist Theodore Moss that seems equally responsible for creating the bridge the band has, well, created.

With only five songs the EP comes in at just over 18 minutes, which leaves some songs dragging on. That's due more to slowed slowed-down tempos that seem a tad forced than poor songwriting. It's when the band focuses on bass-driven melodies with clean harmonic vocals that they are able to show their best work, most noticeably in "Liar."

Much like Hüsker Dü was able to do to near perfection, Four Star Alarm have written a group of melodic punk songs with just enough mainstream alternative to appeal to the inner lover of simple catchiness in all of us.

The band is currently writing material for their first full-length, which should be worth the wait if this EP is any indication.