Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning (Cover Artwork)

Small Brown Bike

Dead Reckoning (2000)

No Idea


If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for bands with some creative minds. Therefore, if you're like me... you will HATE this one from Small Brown Bike. With a complete lack of skilled writing, Small Brown Bike delivers the most generic, stripped-down emo-rock I have ever heard.

"Our signal is breaking up. I'd like to focus my attention on something bigger than my thoughts. " Is it possible to be anymore insipid through words alone? The Vacuum, possibly the worst song ever put together, delivers the words of a 7 year old through a tightly crafted score of crap. Emo music tends to display real emotion, and raw songwriting, and despite the given bit of information, it's obvious Small Brown Bike wasn't trying to make an emo album. Or they just did not try hard enough.

The true, lazy spirit of the band actually blew me away. I was not expecting this and no one should... please save your money and buy an older cd by them... please?