The Grey - Asleep at the Wheel (Cover Artwork)

The Grey

Asleep at the Wheel (2006)


Haling from the Great White North, tGrey is a powerful and melodic post-hardcore quartet featuring ex-members of Shotmaker, Three Penny Opera and Buried Inside. Shotmaker were one of the greatest bands of the `90s. While in high school, I listened to their album Crayon Club rather than studying for finals. The grooves on that record became so worn that the record started skipping. To my dismay, Shotmaker broke up. Several members went on to form Three Penny Opera, which was similar to Shotmaker minus the abrasive edges and with more melody. Eventually, Three Penny Opera called it quits, leaving behind two stellar albums. I was ecstatic to learn that three former members started a new band called the Grey.

Their new band picks up right where Three Penny Opera left off. Creating powerful, melodic and catchy songs, this Ottawa-based band will have you singing and dancing in no time. The power of the Grey is found within the stunning and impressive drumming of Hayden Menzies and the semi-gruff, raspy and unique vocals of Matt Deline. These two elements combine to create some of the best post-hardcore to date.

The song "Sinking" showcases the power found within this group. With Deline singing about someone leaving with the line "they won't forget you anymore / arms wide / fly into this." This song represents the excellent musicianship that the Grey has to offer. The songs "Moving Parts" has Menzies drumming with maracas over the thundering bassline of Luke Rashotte, Deline's vocals building in to a strained scream reminiscent of Shotmaker.

The album gets a change of pace from the upbeat and faster songs with "Good People Everywhere," a slower song with Deline singing over the sparse notes of a piano until the drums come in and the tempo slightly picks up, building into a crescendo and then back down again.

These songs and the other seven off Asleep at the Wheel are some of the best post-hardcore songs to date. If you're a fan of any of their previous bands or angular guitar rock bands such as Fugazi or Drive like Jehu, then the Grey will be the soundtrack to your life -- just hopefully not during finals, like me.