Love Arcade - Love Arcade (Cover Artwork)
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Love Arcade

Love Arcade (2006)


Have you ever seen a picture of these guys? I want to punch them all in the face. All of them. Check them out over at their website and get ready to go and buy some boxing gloves.

That aside, when it comes to synth-driven emo pop, these guys are near the top of the pile. It's too bad that said pile is largely a steaming pile of shit and only being near the top leaves you with a mouth full of turd. Their press sheet says that the band effectively captures everything about the last two decades of pop music -- and I believe they do. Unfortunately, not every pop album released in the last 20 years was Thriller. Remember Mitsou? I didn't think so.

At its better moments, the band's self-titled debut is a lot of fun to dance around to in your underwear. At its worst moments it is a shitty, shitty version of their worst.