Blatant - Boy in the Mirror (Cover Artwork)
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Boy in the Mirror (2006)

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Approximately 36 seconds into Blatant's Boy in the Mirror: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

37 minutes and 58 seconds later…

Blatant's Boy in the Mirror has ended.

Approximately two hours and 12 minutes later -- I awake from my nap. I slept through all 12 songs and then some without so much as a stir. Now, this scenario did not actually take place, and that's a real wonder. I'm not quite sure how I survived the level of boredom induced by this record, but never again do I wish to put myself through it.

If ever there was one album, where every song was literally identical, from the opening chords to the closing chorus, this is it my friends, this is it. In all its depressingly bland glory, Blatant seem to have an uncanny knack for not being able to discern that every song they've written is a carbon copy of every song before it. I personally don't think I've ever seen a band stricken so badly with Nickelbackitis before.These guys are primed and ready for modern rock radio straight out of the gate. The uninspired way in which Joey D'Angelo delivers his vocals carries over into everything else he does on the record. Responsible for all instrumentation sans percussion, D'Angelo has total creative control and still cannot for the life of him manage a song that slightly resembles anything interesting.

Now, back to that nap...