Sense Field - Tonight and Forever (Cover Artwork)

Sense Field

Tonight and Forever (2001)


Imagine creating music, music that you have put months of work, years of learning into, to have it taken from you before it ever had the chance to reach an audience. This CD was five long years in the making. I don't want to re-hash the band's label troubles, you can read that in any other review of this record. I want to tell you, no, I want to testify to you the brilliance of Sense Field.

They have always defied catagorization. And this new CD "Tonight and Forever" is quite simply, amazing. The addition of keyboards and strings, with the already integrated acoustic guitars ('save yourself'), give the music an added feel of maturity, maturing beyond their hardcore past. Don't get me wrong; they can still throw down. 'Fun Never Ends' and 'Love Song' rock just as hard as anything else in their catalog. The vocals, very positive, real world/love song variety, soar above the fury of guitars and some of the most inventive drumming on a indie record in years.

The only downside to the recording is the over use of a 'looped' drum track to begin a couple songs and some other slight studio tricks that, if left out, would give the tracks less of an over-produced feel.

Twelve songs that I had been waiting for six years to hear. It was well worth the wait.