Scream Poet, Scream - Illegitimate Descendent of a Pope (Cover Artwork)
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Scream Poet, Scream

Illegitimate Descendent of a Pope (2006)

Smoke Break

What I like about Scream Poet, Scream is that while they're very clear to state their influences (Fugazi and Jawbreaker, with a lyric from "Boxcar" even randomly handwritten on the back of their band photo), you'd be a little hard-pressed to figure them out. That isn't necessarily a shot against bands who wear them rather proudly, as I endorse quite a few, but even just that trait makes Illegitimate Descendent of a Pope, their five-song EP, refreshing.

Musically, sure, the first comparison to come to mind when listening through will for many be Fugazi, but it's only a mere whiff. After the intro track -- a random five-second clip from "American Psycho" -- we're treated to the band's brand of underdeveloped but seriously promising post-hardcore punk. Propelled by throaty, occasionally gravel-splashed yelling, the songs here are raw and abrupt, but sometimes the band kicks out an extended instrumental passage to prove their chops ("Who Let the Meximan Sing?").

Scream Poet, Scream could also be put in the same light as another (now defunct) band with likely the same influences as them: the Ghost. Scream Poet, Scream isn't quite as reflective but I doubt that's really to be expected so early in their young career. Once they develop their songwriting to the point where they can incorporate that type of emotional viscosity I think that's where things will really click; for now, standard numbers like "Trainwreck" and "Some Major Surgery" serve alright.

Oh, and serious props for the "Twilight Zone" clip.

Trainwreck [clip]