The Casualties - Die Hards (Cover Artwork)

The Casualties

Die Hards (2001)


The Kings of todays Streetpunk scene are back with a new release titled "Die Hards". This is their most hardest material to date. Jorges vocals is more powerful than ever before, Jakes guitar playing has gotten so much better, and Rick the bassplayer sings some lines in a few of the songs and his vocals just stand out. There are plenty of choruses to get you singing along, but this time around the choruses sounds more gangly. The lyrics cover issues about punks, touring in Europe and going broke on tour on the track "No Turning Back", how the Punk Scene has so many stupid rules, working to help parents pay rent, there is also a song all in Spanish for all you Latino Punks, and they even have a song dedicated to Joey Ramone and the rest of The Ramones on the track "Made In N.Y.C.". This album is definatley for the Die Hard Casualties fans everywhere. This is worth your money and this album won't disappoint old and new fans. --

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