Wolverines / The Sibling Project - Split (Cover Artwork)
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Wolverines / The Sibling Project

Split (2006)


Now this is a weird pairing. This split full-length is essentially the equivalent of La Quiete and Mates of State getting together on one album. Really, the stylistic difference is that great, but for those whose listening tastes run a fair gamut, there's a decent amount to like.

The guitar/drum combo in Wolverines play what's described on the one-sheet as "indie punk," but with raw-throated screaming and underproduced, super jangly guitars I sense a fair amount of European screamo influence running through them. Their songs, even while sometimes going to the four-minute mark, feel rather to the point in the same frame of mind of acts like Belle Époque. The band also refrains from exploding into moments of chaos, but it always feels like they're teetering on the edge. That type of dangling suspense definitely makes their side pretty compelling.

That makes the transition to the Sibling Project a little jarring, but once you settle in things aren't so awkward. The Sibling Project play a mildly affecting brand of electro-indie pop with purely sweet female vocals and complementing male leads, completely altering the somber moods of the split. Lindsey Ranck's vocals are definitely the highlight here; she leads the charge in "Contest" (if there is one) against her brother Danny, with an endearingly pleading voice. All the emotion exhibited by Lindsey simply sounds genuine, and that really makes things sound well-put. The songs take a little bit of time to take a liking to, but once the modest qualities of the tunes are realized it starts to resonate.

I'll take Wolverines' stripped down, screamy ramblings most days of the week but the Sibling Project do turn in a performance that's not to be overlooked.

The Sibling Project - Contest

Wolverines - Xavier
Wolverines - Rasputin

The Sibling Project - Propellor and Merriment