Hour of the Wolf - Power of the Wolf (Cover Artwork)
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Hour of the Wolf

Power of the Wolf (2006)


For the most part, I'm alright with bands who are heavily styled after the Misfits. Let's be honest, there's about a million worse bands that could be emulated and while they're by no means my favorite, I respect their career and enjoy a decent amount of the catalog.

The same could very easily be said for Hour of the Wolf. The eight songs that make up Power of the Wolf work because the vocals are very Danzig-esque. Part theatrical grandeur and part scruffy punk rock, HOTW's vocals has firm command at all times, turning on the utmost in intensity when the right part of the song calls for it. The other thing that makes it work is that while the Danzig emulation is undeniable, there is no Danzig dependency. Some aspects of his trademark style are used, and some are incorporated with a bit more of a ferocious sound than the Misfits ever really tinkered with.

"Black Blood Transfusion" mikes dark imagery with a combination of punk rock and `50s rock ‘n' roll that you truly don't see too much. The father of rock ‘n' roll himself Chuck Berry has his fingerprints all over this record, from the toe-tapping rhythms to the very sound of the guitar. It's "Maybelline" mixed with "Last Caress" and the result could not have worked any better. A punk band at heart, they may not be pre-disposed to the most complex song structures possible, but there's truly a lot to impress. Turning the aggression to eleven on "Turn to You," the four-piece mixes some great soloing with the most in-your-face and attention grabbing vocals on the entire album. Short and sweet, they pack a lot of punch into a little time, leaving no one a chance to become disinterested.

Every element of this record shows a band as cohesive as they are talented. The rousing vocals are matched only by the stellar guitar work -- the true prize of this record. Behind every well-delivered line or strong image, there's a blistering riff to push the envelope just that much farther. Behind every rolling drum fill, there's a solo to set the song on fire. Play on playas, play on.