Action Patrol - On Patrol (Cover Artwork)

Action Patrol

On Patrol (1998)


Jumpsuits are not just for nu-metal bands. And anyway, Slipknot stole their name from an early Revelation band. Nevermind...Action Patrol is (was) one of those bands that speaks to me. Honest, insiteful, and humorous. That's where the jumpsuits come in.

This CD is a collection of everything they ever recorded (two 7"s and a 12") plus a really crappy, but nonetheless awesome, recording of they're last show ever. The music? Fast, minimalistic hardcore with sung/screamed vocals that are sometimes incomprehensible, but that doesn't matter...then you can sing along even before you know the words. The lyrics are very intelligent and it's really fun to scream stuff like "...lack of changes/ a demographic of the estranged/ a system nervous of nervous systems/ leads us to this absurd tryst..."

The eight songs from the two 7"s (Up and Running & 'B' is for Bombard) are the band at their best, and the 12" ain't too shabby either.

Oh yeah, they wore orange jumpsuits on stage. Ha ha.