Pulley - Together Again for the First Time (Cover Artwork)


Together Again for the First Time (2001)


Man, I have never anticipated going to work..other than yesterday. I ripped the box open full of new releases, but the others didn't seem to matter..no not that day...I was in search for one special CD.

This is one album i've been waiting for all year. I've been an avid pulley fan for going on 5 years now, so I was really anxious to hear their 4th masterpiece "together again for the first time".

With a new drummer, and minus a guitarist I was a little wary of how this would sound...but to hell with all that, the band pulls it off well in this case.

The sound is a little slowed down this time, (I use the term "slowed" loosely) but Pulley, even slowed down is still as fast and melodic as ever, if that makes sense.

"In Search", "Hooray for Me", "Lost Trip", "Leather Face", and "Same sick Feeling" all stand out as the best songs on the record...All of the songs are good though, Don't get me wrong...except for the song "Destiny" that one is a little weird.

Well, Pulley has pulled it off yet again..great production (Ryan Greene..need I say more?) Great songwriting, Good and funny as hell artwork, and one of the best voices in punk rock today.

Its obvious this band does what is true to them..just making the music they love while pleasing so many other fans at the same time. Its a great album 13, well 12 asskickers just 5 seconds shy of being 30 minutes. This disc also features the same enhanced features as the S/T album had...pretty cool too.

If you're a pulley fan and you kind of harbored a little doubt like I did..wipe it away, It's one hell of an record.