Jenny Piccolo - Discography (Cover Artwork)
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Jenny Piccolo

Discography (2006)

Three One G

It takes most bands a decade to record and release fifty songs. It takes some a career. Some don't make it that far at all. Jenny Piccolo, however, could be considered ahead of the curve, as their discography packs 52 songs into almost half that amount of time. Granted, only 10 of those so much as crack the one-minute barrier, but a band like this obviously isn't putting any premiums on song or album duration.

What they are doing is being as fast and as loud as humanly possible, so in that right -- mission successful. Amidst the maniacal shrieks, lightning fast riffs, and unforgivingly loud drum fills, there's music to be found. You have to look hard and you have to be patient, but it's there. Just don't get too attached to a specific song because by the time you do, it's over. Not only is it over, but three more songs have passed by since, each as much a torrent of distortion and throat-searing vocals as the last. Only towards the middle of the discography is there a bit of a break from that kind of songwriting because a few of the songs are a bit longer (read: more than a minute) and feel much more like fast-paced emotional hardcore, rather than screeches and blast beats of the grind-ish material they normally play. It actually suits them pretty well to slow down for a grittier and more intense attack.

Strange as that sounds, Jenny Piccolo are not very menacing at all when playing at blazing speed. That's not to say they're uncomfortable in the style -- far from it, but they come across more as just playing quickly as possible for the sake of it. However, when they slow it down, even just a bit, it's a whole different ballgame. "Cyanide Inhaler" begins with a slow drumroll, and quickly moves to a bouncy rhythm with scathing vocals and occasional shout-alongs to keep it interesting. This is what I'd love to see more of from them, rather than the all-out blitz most of the discography presents.

It's schizophrenic, it's intense, and it's all over in the amount of time it would take you to watch a "Happy Days" rerun. Not my bag exactly, but they're solid at what they do, I cannot deny them that.