Mass Movement of the Moth - Finale (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Mass Movement of the Moth

Finale (2006)


Well, this explains a lot. Mass Movement of the Moth did not in fact start their career as an obnoxious group of guys that need to be told to stay away from synthesizers. No, early on, they were a screamo band with a synthesizer problem, rather than the other way around. Finale was originally a self-released demo from this D.C. four-piece, and now, several 7"s and a full-length later, the folks at Alone Records have decided to re-release those early recordings.

Well, we already know it can't be worse than their split with the Catalyst.

In actuality, this is a pretty decent effort. Rather than inundate the record with an overly electronic and synthetic feel, The Moth went with a much more intense musical route. The high-pitched screams are not unlike many past and present bands on the Alone Records roster, and the discordant rhythms they coast on fit that bill as well. The songs are shorter, the structures tighter, it's just less…annoying. The synths are absolutely still present, but the key is moderation. They accompany the heavy riffs and manic screaming, not replace them. The jarring rhythms stop, start, and turn on a moment's notice, while the drumming cascades right along with it. This EP shows a much more dangerous, a much more volatile moth. "Three" mixes just the right level of electronic elements with the bombastic riffing and searing vocals, all in a time short enough that won't allow for anyone to grow sick of it.

It's nothing incredibly impressive, especially in comparison with a lot of other stellar bands to come out of the capital district, but it's sure as hell superior to their later, electronically bogged down and directionless efforts.