Sig Transit Gloria - Sig Transit Gloria (Cover Artwork)

Sig Transit Gloria

Sig Transit Gloria (2001)

Johann's Face

It only seemed like a short time ago that members of Sig Transit Gloria were working at their dead end jobs at the local movie theater. As of right now, STG is primed to make an impact on the national scene.

This band has endured a phenomenal success in only a years time (most bands if they're lucky takes a multitude of years) to break out. After a couple months existing as a band, STG released the "Orange Tape" on local Chicago suburbs label, Afro Pubes and later released the "Kevin Arbuckle" sessions. I still have fond memories of listening to such songs as "Box Office Romance" and the epic of proportions, "JN" and rockin out.

In less than six months, Sig Transit Gloria was signed to legendary Chicago label Johanns Face Records of which they still stand today. Most of all the top Chicago bands like Alkaline Trio, Oblivion, Apocalypse Hoboken, and The Smoking Popes all started out on the label, before signing on to a bigger label.

Within a few months of signing STG released the 5 song EP, "2/28/00" which has been selling like hot cakes since it was released. The band never has any copies of the EP, because they were almost always sold out of them and a quick run to the local record shop yielded the same results. For being a relatively new band, STG has built up quite a sizeable fan base that always attends their shows and are very supportive. In the meantime, Sig Transit Gloria have also turned down offers from Drive Thru Records opting to stay on Johanns Face.

If theres anything thats going to set the record straight and make Sig Transit Gloria a breakout band across the country, its this new album.

"S/T" is Sig Transit Gloria's first full length album to date. The band has already been itching to put out a new release out for some time. After really only having the five songs from "2/28/00" to base their shows on, recently virtually nothing from "2/28/00" has been performed in their latest shows. Only really the new song from this new "S/T" album have been played since STG was sick of the same 5 songs over and over.

This LP is a step in the right direction. In fact, its a step in a different direction all together. While listening to this, you can't help noticing that all songs are much more well put together and vastly more mature sounding (not to say STG's songs were used to be immature and kiddy....well you know what I mean).

The newest and only material that Sig Transit Gloria had released after "2/28/00" was the song, "Angel Song" on the Elmhurst Vs. Villa Park Compilation. That song screamed with the theme of moving forward in a new, bright direction and one of confidence. This may be somewhat confusing to some people, but to me, as in "Angel Song" this new material's tone is confident, moving in a positive direction.

Recorded with Jeremy Lemos at Acme Studios, the sound is significantly different than before. Its a lot more rock and roll based. Most of the songs start out with a hard guitar riff. The guitar all around stands out more and is more important with these new songs than anything before. Besides keyboards, Mike (keys) recorded several tracks with two different grand pianos. I like the addition of the piano very much. Only with a real pianos can you get that acoustic sound absent from an electric piano. Other notable changes are in song durations. The song, "Thank You" is over six minutes long. Most other tracks on the album are three minutes and beyond.

Excellent use of backing vocals is present through the songs. One of the album's highlights is "Pink Skies". Around the bridge to the main chorus and during the choruses, the backing vocals provided by Jason (bass) are a real treat to listen to. Jason also lends lead vocals to the song, "For Sale" which is another album highlight. The song starts out with a keyboard lead part that one can say is literally the softest thing that STG has recorded so far.

If you live on the East coast be sure to check out these guys in Spring. They will be touring with Lawrence Arms in support of this new album. They are electric live. Not to be missed.