The Copyrights - Button Smasher [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Copyrights

Button Smasher [7 inch] (2004)

It's Alive!

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But 2004's Button Smasher I like even more. Supposedly these are merely covers of the members' past bands songs, but they'll sure have you fooled: These sound all the Copyrights' own. Cohesive and cool is the record all throughout, but the title track is definitely the standout: The Copyrights bounce here with a candid energy and slightly nasal (and honest) delivery, while the group call of "hey there button smasher!" will leave a permanent inkling in your brain for weeks to come (weeks in the least). None of these songs hit the two-minute mark, which means none overstay their welcome either. "Let's Get the Fuck Out of Here" is surprisingly aggressive for them, and they sound great wielding that type of attitude. "I'm Not Calling You" calls for top serious singing along.

These are actually the only Copyrights releases I have, so as you can imagine I have a little bit of catching up to do. As for anyone else who hasn't been initiated into the band's somewhat predictable albeit enjoyable world, these would probably serve as some great starting points, but especially Button Smasher.