The Tie That Binds - Slowly Sinking Under (Cover Artwork)

The Tie That Binds

Slowly Sinking Under (1996)


Somehow I can't get that day out of my mind. My girlfriend broke up with me, and I felt like shit. I didn't know what to do, and all my friends were far away, so I took a walk just to calm down.The first destination is always this little second hand CD shop where I bought half of my CD's.

I had like $ 8 in my pocket, and I wanted to hear something that will put a smile on my face.After a long search I saw this CD with one really artistic picutre on the front, with a sign that says: The Tie That Binds and I remembered that I once had a V/A CD from OneFoot Records called 'Check this out, Baby', and the band that I liked the most on it were The Tie That Binds.So i picked it up and went home straith away to hear it.

First song 'Remote' introduces you to harmony and mid tempo EmoCore that can easily sum up the rest of the album from this little Houston band.The song is an attack at those people you see on TV at 3am preaching about religion.Emo style attack - 'What you're telling me is wrong, what you're selling me is wrong'. The song that follows, 'Paycheck' is one of my favorite songs. It starts with an intense scream 'I'm just going numb!!', and then you hear that emo type crying vocals that stick in your mind for a very long time.

Perfect blend of melodic guitars, mind bubbling bass and a perfect tempo drumming combined with Unbelievable vocal abilities.You really don't need anything more. Track 10, song called '409' is another one that was put on every single compilation tape I did.The song that follows 'One good reason' is of the 'Check this out, Baby', and if you own that, you may have some idea just how good this record sounds.

After a the first glance on the music, to tell you the truth, I haven't felt any better, but much worse, I felt really sad.That crying vocals over a harmoinc music aren't your perfect combination if you want to feel better.I've leared my lesson.From now on, everytime I feel like shit I listen to Osker's Treatment 5. So any of you that like good, honest emo, or any of you that like intelligent songwriting, you must own this.