Bombshell Rocks - Cityrats & Alleycats (Cover Artwork)

Bombshell Rocks

Cityrats & Alleycats (2001)

Burning Heart


That´s what this album is, some people said it´s the way punk should be. Well, I agree.

Well, I went to the Bombshell Rocks concert on Amsterdam, actualy it was the Ounk-O-Rama show, I didn´t knew too much about this band before this show but, WOW, they where SO great, fucking awesome.

I am the kind of person that just like to see the way the band plays, visualize the guitar riffs, bass lines and that stuff, I was amazed, the way this band plays between the guitars is great, two awesome guitar players, lots of power chords and the other one uses like prime notes, amazing, good bass lines, maybe it´s the weak part of the band, but they are good the bass lines. fast and good drumming.

I enjoy a lot the way this music is singed, obviously it has a lot of Rancid influence.

You can see the Rancid influence in songs like 21st century riot or in the guitar solo of the song 1999.

I´m a big chorus fan, this band uses choruses but are not as well elaborated as they could be, this would improve a lot their music but I have to say that this album is almost perfect. So powerful.

Some of my favorites: 1999, 21st Century Riot, Unstoppable (good choruses), Tonight I´m burning.

This is a must have for all you punk rockers so go and get this album.