Dogwood - Building A Better Me (Cover Artwork)


Building A Better Me (2000)

Tooth & Nail

If you have never heard of the band Dogwood you are definetely missing out on ear popping guitar riffs and loud and obnoxious music. To me they sound a lot like Alkaline Trio. The bass guitar is almost a heavy low sound that grinds into the speakers and cuts into your nerves. Then it proceeds to shatter the windshield in your piece of crap car. They are actually a Christian punk band thats full of meaningful lyrics and sing a long choruses.

The best songs on this full-length album are; "The Good Times," which starts off without a bass guitar or drums which is really cool. Then about ten seconds later it breaks out rockin hard. The other song that really stands out is, "Building A Better Me." The chorus will knock your socks off and make you sing to it when your listening. The last song that I would like to mention is my favorite song on the album and I suggest you at least download it as soon as you see this. It is called, "Comes Crashing." Wow!!!!!! That pretty much sums that up. Basically this song goes back to what I said about the guitar riffs. it almost makes you feel like your whole body is viabrating.

The only thing that I see in this album that could actually annoy someone is the lead singer, Josh Kembles voice. It is hard to describe something like this, but his voice is very aggressive and scratchy. Thats right scratchy. The funny part about this though is he definitely pulls this off in a big way. With the album being what it is, and the band doing what they do all I can say is get your ass to the nearest cd store, pick this up and do me one favor. Enjoy!!!